Junk food really does mess with your brain, makes it shrink


The part of the brain believed to be integral to learning, memory and mental health is smaller in people who regularly consume unhealthy foods such as sweet

Toned Milk vs Soya Milk vs Almond Milk: Which One Should You Choose?


The world of milk is unclear. We were barely getting our head around the concept of full cream vs toned milk or whole vs ....

Cake Decoration: 10 Amazing Ideas you'll Thanks Us For


You need a piping bag (or plastic bag + masking tape), a spoon and a tulle. Pipe a line (with tulle + piping bag holding the straight ahead). Take a spoon and smear it to the right. Pipe the next line and continue to repeat until you're done.

Benefits of Olive Oil: Why it is Good for You


First, a disclaimer: there's no denying that the world of olive oil is complex and this story is a mere dip of the toe into this vast ocean.

You are What You Eat: 5 Foods for Healthy Skin


Every fried snack you eat can trigger an unexpected acne breakout. For every donut you devour, you may run the risk of saggy and wrinkly skin...

Brilliant Kitchen Tricks That'll Make Your Life So Much Easier


For the last 20 minutes or so, the only words my brain has formed are “Egad! That’s genius!” thanks to these food hacks I’ve been going over. A cook’s arch-nemesis can take the form of a big, overtly complicated cooking procedure or a small but time-consuming pricky problem – and so, any time-saving detours are always welcome...

Get Active: Prolonged Sitting Could Result in Fatty Liver


Prolonged sitting such as watching TV and using the computer and other devices as well as reduced physical activity may increase risk of ......

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